DEMOCRACY IS NOT FOR SALE: Why courts should adopt the Ninth Circuit interpretation of Buckley v. Valeo that permits the regulation of organizations with “a” major purpose towards political advocacy as political action committees

  I. Introduction

Discovering Flaws: An Analysis of the Amended Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37(E) and Its Impact on the Spoliation of Electronically Stored Evidence

The legal community has not been immune to developments brought about by modern technology, nor to the intricate issues that have arisen in its wake. Lawyers, George Paul and Jason Baron eloquently opined that: “[L]awyers must understand that information, as a cultural and technological edifice, has profoundly and irrevocably changed.” Over ninety-percent of all corporate information is electronic, with North American businesses exchanging over 2.5 trillion e-mails per year.

Improving U.S. Financial Regulation Through OIRA Review & Robust Regulatory Analysis

By eliminating the Office of Thrift Supervision and reclassifying the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s legal status, the Dodd-Frank Act left the United States financial regulatory system almost entirely in the hands of “independent regulatory agencies.” Unlike executive agencies – such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), or Department of Transportation (DOT) – “independent” agencies, and thus most federal financial regulators, are subject t

Privacy and Surveillance: Public Attitudes on Cameras on the Street, in the Home, and in the Workplace

There is no dearth of writing about the perils of the erosion of privacy rights in the twenty-first century. The “Snowden Saga” dramatically illustrates and documents the seemingly unlimited ways in which private matters can be revealed to and interpreted by the public. The emergence of cell phone photography and recordings constitutes a sea change in the documentation of an endless list of public and private matters. View More


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