2015 Symposium: New Legal Strategies to Prevent Drug Overdoses

Rutgers Journal of Law & Public Policy was pleased to host the 2015 Symposium: New Legal Strategies to Prevent Drug Overdoses. The editorial board would like to thank the attending speakers: Rosanne Scotti, State Director of New Jersey Drug Policy Alliance; Rebecca Ricigliano, Senior Staff Member of Attorney General Hoffman’s Office; and Harry Earle, Chief of Police of Glouster Township. 

The Increasing Appeal of Private Arbitration and a Brief Look at Some of the Downside

           Choosing to opt out of traditional court controlled litigation in favor of private arbitration, although anything but new, appears to be an increasingly attractive choice to disputing parties and their attorneys.  And for good reason.  The clogging of our court dockets and the overburdening of the judicial system as a consequence of the public’s ever increasing appetite for utilizing the courts as the venue for solving all of the evils of society, both large and small, ha

DEMOCRACY IS NOT FOR SALE: Why courts should adopt the Ninth Circuit interpretation of Buckley v. Valeo that permits the regulation of organizations with “a” major purpose towards political advocacy as political action committees

  I. Introduction


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