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Volume 10, Issue 3: Current Issues In Public Policy

Volume 10, Issue 3: Current Issues In Public Policy
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There is a long history of political maneuvering that surrounds social welfare legislation and government entitlement programs at both the national and state level. One aspect that has received increased attention during the recent economic downturn is mandatory drug screening, which has been a tool for politicians seeking to conserve taxpayer resources and limit the State’s complicity in drug addiction.. [read more]


Jürgen Habermas has recently warned that the sovereign debt crisis in Europe is transforming democratic governments into “economic governments” threatening not only economic disaster, but also the end of the world’s first supranational project – the European Union.[read more]


The right of personal privacy in the United States includes the abortion decision. This right to an abortion is governed by case law the protects both the state’s interest in the health of the woman and that of potential life from outset of pregnancy.[read more]