Rutgers Journal of Law & Public Policy

Volume 10, Issue 4: Current Issues In Public Policy

Volume 10, Issue 4: Current Issues In Public Policy
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The prisons are full of men and women who profess their innocence despite having been convicted on the weight of evidence presented by the prosecution. Yet, each year many of those found guilty are exonerated after post-conviction testing of deoxyribonucleic acid ("DNA") evidence proves they are innocent. [read more]


A license is defined as any "right or permission granted in accordance with law... to engage in some business or occupation, to do some act, or to engage in some transaction which but for such license would be unlawful.[read more]


Today, nearly half of all states use automated traffic enforcement. In these states, cameras record vehicles as they run red lights or exceed the speed limit, and violation notices are later mailed to the registered owner.[read more]


Imagine for a moment that you recently acquired a piece of undeveloped property. For whatever reason, you intend to improve the property by building a structure or otherwise developing the land.[read more]